NES Forum Closing Announcement

NewEarthSummit Forum
January 4, 2015

The NES Forum website domain and shared hosting is planned to expire in July of 2015 and will no longer be online. has more than served its purpose for those who availed themselves of its content and the opportunity to interact –publicly and privately –with others who shared a similar focus of spiritual evolution.

Many thanks to everyone who has made this forum what it is and many thanks to Raphiem, especially for all his help in starting this forum. Hours were spent in reviewing various formats, software and hosting companies.

None of us will know the full influence this forum has had over the years it has been operating. A few members have reposted excerpts or entire essays at other sites. Thank you to those who have done this, as it has helped stimulate the inner process of others as well draw them to these electronic pages.

As conceived, NES was to be devoted to the new spiritual paradigm and gnosis (however it might develop), to be free of advertising, to never ask for money or promote money-making schemes. Except for the necessary login protocols and search engine access, it was also set up free of tracking software.

Over its history, NES participants (and its larger, non-posting readership) have reflected that portion of the larger human population that has sought to understand what truly makes human society the way it is and to understand the dynamics of spiritual existence.

When we opened the NES forum, many individuals posted over a wide range of themes, such as new community, survival of social and geophysical catastrophes, speculation about the human powers-that-be, economics, commodity and precious metal prices, and many other such things focused around the human-earth experience. We also indulged many “new age” styled discussions. Eventually the time came to encourage more spiritually-evolved content centered around the deeper questions and insights from those pushing on ahead in their own spiritual evolution and ascension process.

Eventually we stopped accepting new posting-privilege members and removed those who had not posted for a long time. We also set up a private forum section that was invisible to public readers and public search engines.

The changes at NES paralleled the changes with Global Awakening News readership. In accordance with self-selection principles, it was decided to make an “A-list” of those were serious about the growing depth of content. Eventually the “A-List” became unnecessary.

Beginning early February, there will be no more posting members and the forum will become a read-only archive until July when it shuts down entirely

Wishing everyone their highest and a fare thee well!

New Mexico


NOTE: The main articles and commentary from Alex, including extracts from NES posts ,will be retained at the website through July of 2016.

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